Automotive & Battery Cables.

Automotive Cables resistant to hot conditions of use , and highly flexible with short bending radius , are widely used in cars , trucks , buses ,Lorries , and jeeps as lead wires for the purpose of battery charging , central locking systems, dynamo changing circuits, motor antenna,power windows. Stereo system, junction box to sign boards, lightings, head lamps, wipers etc., and comprising High conductive, copper wires and virgin grade PVC insulation to suit the requirement of a hot environment with resistance to oil, grease,petrol and diesel.


Battery Cables are widely used in cars, trucks, Buses, Lorries, and jeeps in battery  circuits and battery to earth and solenoid switch, and comprising of High conductive copper wires and virgin grade PVC insulation to suit to the requirement of  hot environment  with resistance to oil , grease,petrol & diesel.


Single Core  -  0.5 to 16


Battery Cables

Single Core  -  10 to 150


As per customer requirement, we are a manufacturer of extra flexible conductors up to 240 sq. mm as per IS & IEC Standards.

  • Conductor: Annealed Bare Copper (ABC)
  • Insulation :  PVC
  • Outer Sheath: PVC
  • Colour: Red, Black, or as per customer requirement

  • TPU/FRLS/LSZH/PE Sheath can be provided.
  • Anti - Termite and Anti - Rodent Properties.
  • UV Resistance Properties (As pre ASTM G 154 & 155, ISO 4892-2 Method A, UL 1581)
  • Acid, Alkali, Sulphur & Oil Resistance (as per IEC 60881-404)
  • Operating Temperature Rating ranging from -40 C to +70 C
  • RoHS & REACH compliance

IS 2465, BS 6862, IEC 60228, IS 5831, IS 8130, IEC 60332-1

Technical Details






Elastomer / PVC, TPU, FRLS, PE, LSZH

Rated Voltage



Very Good Flexibility

Tempature Rating

-15 C to +70 C

Bending Radius

Min 6 x Overall diameter of cable , Min 15 x Overall diameter for battery cable

Fire Property

IEC 60332-1

Environmental Properties

Impervious to *oil, grease, petrol & diesel, * Sulphur Resistant, *Oil Resistant,* Acid & Alkali Resistant and *UV Resistant, *AR & AT Properties

Additional Properties can be added as per customer requirement*

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